Monday, January 04, 2010

New Year Goals

I have been thining about mortgage payback again today. I have not paid any money towards the mortgage since May and I withdrew £7500 from the savings to pay for the new bathroom - which should be started this week. The current status is that we owe about £96500 and have £16550 in premium bonds. We have shares worth £23,300 as of today. This means that if I want to pay off the mortgage I will need to find an additional £57000. If I divide that by days in the year it makes £155 which does not really sound like very much. Of course that figure includes weekends and doesn't take in to account tax on earnings. I have earned over £100 in a day but it does not happen that often. Considering the hours that I can actually work it is probably £22 an hour which is a lot. I just did a job which earned me £3 an hour and that was the only job I have had today. I will not let this put me off though. The shares will increase in value, the premium bonds will win and I will continue to work hard. Hopefully by this time next year the figures will look a lot more promising.

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