Thursday, June 17, 2010


The boys need new beds and the shop we want to buy them from has a sale. This means that the extra cash we have which I was hoping to leave partly as an emergency buffer and partly as a little extra investment in the premium bonds. I may need some to pay off next months credit card too but I think I will just have to cross my fingers that we will have enough. We need take advantage of the sale as we could save up to 35% and I hope the new beds will help the boys sleep better and they are sleeping badly at the moment. Their new beds will be divans which means we need to find some storage for the 6 boxes of toys under their cot beds. I am therefore sorting out the airing cupboard at the weekend to make room. It coincides with recycling week at tehir school and so everything from bags and belts to bow ties towels will be sorted through and possibly donated. i have already filled one bag and will need some more for the weekend.

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