Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Loft Conversion

I have found the details of a company we want to do a loft conversion for us. I decided to contact them in order to find out whether it was possible and how much it would cost so I could calculate how much we woudl need to save up after we have paid the mortgage off. My husband is now all excited about it and wants the work done as soon as possible. He thinks it will not be too expensive but seems to be forgetting the costs of the shower room, carpets and furniture. We need a new wardrobe and chest of drawers for the children anyway and having tehir own room will mean they will need one each. We will also be losing our fitted wardrobe because the stairs will go there and so we will need one as well. This will add a thousand to the cost so I think it will end up costing us at least 25k altogether. I think we will be able to start saving 10k a year and therefore have the mortgage paid off in five and woudl rather wait until we have done this and then save up for the loft conversion. I predict that the boys will not really need separate rooms until they are at secondary school anyway which gives us six years. I guess not that long!

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