Sunday, October 31, 2010

October Earnings

Pay to Blog - £5.50
Paid Blogging - £5.50

Writing - £385.61
Article Writing - £385.61br> Other - £10.00
Waterproof Memo Board - £10.00

Making a grand total of £401.11

It felt like a very busy month as there was so much writing work. I am hoping that this month will be the same though as the extra money will be very handy for Christmas. Am still hoping for a big Premium Bonds win this month though....!


jay said...

Great work, your writing seems to be going well.
The PU2B sheriff has been kind this week, so I should be collecting $110 next week... good start to November's earnings..

Rachel said...

I have had similar fortunes from PayU2Blog as well, which is great. A very easy way to earn some extra money!