Thursday, December 30, 2010

Having a Clear-Out

We had a water pipe burst in the garage on Boxing Day. It was running all night and we therefore had to empty out the garage the next day and have a good clear out. Luckily nothing of value was lost, just a couple of cardboard boxes with old business correspondence in. It was great getting rid of some rubbish though and I was also forced to clear out the boys craft cupboard as it backs on to the garage wall and I had to empty it to check if the wall was damp. My husband is now sorting out his office and so we have already got rid of 3 bin bags of rubbish. He isn't even sentimental and has nothing like bowling trophies or things that other men collect. His obsession is paperwork and books but luckily he will be putting some in the attic and I might even be able to get in his office to vacuum the floor!

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