Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bank Bonuses

Bankers bonuses are in the news again. Everyone seem to be very cross about how much they are getting. Personally I think that they are just lucky to have chosen the right career path. If those people complaining had taken that career path I expect they would not be complaining right now. I think we choose our own destiny and should not be jealous and cross at the fortunes of others but see it as a challenge to improve ourselves and aim to get that sort of salary. I do understand that people are complaining that those salaries come about because of high bank charges. But if you borrow money then you need to pay for it and you know the terms when you agree to borrow so I think it is all completely fair.


jay said...

I have been thinking about writing about this, and have concluded that the reason that the bank bonuses are unpalatable to many is that the current round of cuts and austerity measures is largely as a result of the activity of financial houses (via the government bailouts). It is one thing to be jealous of million-pound bonuses, but when directly contrasted with the price we are all paying for bailing the banks out, it's difficult to swallow... However, as long as the Bank of England keep the base rate down - I can't say I'm too bothered either way!

Rachel said...

You have a good point. A newspaper was predicting that interest rates would start to rise in June. I was not happy about that prospect!