Saturday, January 08, 2011

Creating Websites

A lot of the work I do is writing content for websites. People start off a website or blog and ask me to give them the wording for it. Then they sell advertisings pace on the site and make money from it. It does often occur to me that I should actually set up the sites myself and then I might end up making a lot more money. The thing is that I have no web design skills and so I have been looking at white label site creator which gives you a website set up already so that you can just fill in the text. It could be the sort of thing that my customers use as it is simple and cheap. The website is search engine optimised which means that a lot of the marketing work is already done for you and that is something which most people do not know much about. It seems like it could be an interesting way to make money.

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Faith said...

Hi, I have just found your blog - very interesting.