Friday, May 06, 2011

Kindle Payment

I have received my first Amazon Kindle payment for my UK book sales. It was only just over £10 but it is still exciting to have been making sales and getting paid for them. I am not selling masses of books, but at least I am not having to do anything to make the money, well in addition to the original writing work. I have made over $100 on my US book sales too and so I should soon be receiving a cheque for that. Unfortunately they only pay by cheque to non-US sellers so I will lose quite a bit of money when I pay it in to my bank. But again it is still money for doing very little work!


jay said...

Well done Rachel - how very rewarding.
I got paid by shareasale by $US cheque - I drove to the bank (cost a couple of quid to park), then they lost my cheque. (they were going to charge a fortune to cash it anyway). In the end it turns out the cheque had been cashed so they gave me the money and refunded the charges - I pay extra to have direct bank payments instead now!

Rachel said...

Amazon only pay into US bank accounts and so I have little choice but to be paid by cheque. At least it will be made out in my name so I can cash it in my current account rather than my business account as the charges are much higher there.