Friday, August 12, 2011

Investing in Computers

My business has been through a lot of computers. I have been in business for over ten years doing various things. in that time I have had two laptops, a netbook and a desktop. Each has tehir own advantages but I must admit the desktop is probably the best computer I have had. Laptops were good for being portable, so I could work in bed or while I was out and about, but they broke very easily. I like netbooks because they are so light to carry around and my old one still works and my son is using it, but it was just too slow for surfing the net and the screen was too small. I have to research things and then split the screen to see what I am rewriting and the document file and that didn't work on that, but I still use it when I am travelling about as it is light to carry. The desktop stops me being able to work in bed and that is probably a good thing really as I am forced to switch off at some point. It obviously cannot eb carried about but at least I still have the netbook for that.

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