Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I have so much work at the moment, including two new customers. It is great, but rather daunting. I have 110 x 300 word articles to finish for one person. I also have 50 x 400 words to do for another with another 100 x 400 word ones in the pipeline. I then have regular orders of 3 x 250 word articles a week from one customer, 21 x 250 word articles from another and then 20 x 200 words a month from another. I tend to get other odd bits and pieces as well. I wrote 12,000 words yesterday which was fantastic, it is nice to see the workload being ticked off my list. Hopefully, if they all pay up on time I will see a good earnings figure for August too.

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jay said...

that's quite a lot of wordage.. great to see you're so busy