Monday, October 31, 2011

Earning Money

Sometimes I get a bit impatient with people who say that they cannot find work. I know that I would not be prepared to do any job and also that I am lucky enough to have qualifications. However, it makes me cross when people say there are not any jobs around and so they have to claim dole money. I suppose I get cross about it because I am paying for them in my tax but also I get cross because the dole money is so high that it is better to be unemployed than work sometimes. For example something like Banquet Staff Jobs pay a low basic rate, although you may get money in tips if you are lucky. It is hard work, tiring and intense and so people would rather not do it. Most jobs do need commitment and hard work and they can be tiring but I will make sure that I will be encouraging my children to get good qualifications so that they can get paid a decent wage for the job that they do.

I know I am lucky in that my husband has a job which pays well and is talented in a skill which is in demand. But I work hard for my money, often working below the minimum wage so that I can contribute to the family income and I am sure more people could do this too.

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