Thursday, October 13, 2011


Having just had parents evening, I found myself explaining to the children that I would be working with them on the things tehir teacher said they needed help with, so that they can get good qualification and get a good job. It must be impossible for them to understand, at the age of six, what an impact tehir school work could have on tehir future. I was lucky in that I went to a good school and so was pushed hard and although I was a poor performer compared to the rest of my class, I still went to university, got 2i for my degree and then went on to do a Masters. I now feel that I can do any career I want as I know I am capable of getting the relevant qualifications. I know that they will do well, but I want to make sure that they do well early, they get used to putting in the necessary effort and they begin to enjoy the rewards that this brings before they start realising that if they are too good, other children get jealous. I do believe that we learn to perform badly so that we can fit in better and so I want to make sure they go to a school where this will not happen. In my school you were bullied if you were 'thick' rather than clever and although bullying is not good at all, there will still be a perception of accepted cleverness at particular schools and I woudl rather that be a high expectation.

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