Thursday, October 13, 2011

Work in the House

Thinking about the loft conversion has made me realise how much there is to do in the house. We need to get that work done, then sort out the carpets and decorating. We are putting the staircase in our built in wardrobe and so we will need to buy a wardrobe and the children could do with one as well and our chests of drawers are broken and we need beside tables. Then in the sitting room we could do with a new TV stand because ours is just a scruffy table and my husband has his eye on a lg home theatre system but even I admit a new TV could be nice. I have already decided that with our £25,000 quote for the loft it will probably cost £10k more because we will be putting in some sound proofing, buying carpets and furniture and decorating and I think this could easily rise. I need to hope some work comes in soon.....!

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