Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Buying Outfits

When Christmas approaches I always feel like I want to buy a new outfit. There are those family gatherings to look forward to, parties and visits to friends. It is a nice excuse for many women to buy something new. However, being really frugal, I am not keen on this idea. I am hoping that I will be able to fit in my 'little black dress' and then I will not need to buy anything new. Last time I wore it, it was a bit snug (to say the least!) but I have lost a bit of weight and plan on losing some more and so hopefully, it will fit me. With a lack of funds all round, there are no work Christmas parties to go to, which is good. I have no other parties, so no sexy bunny costumes or anything like that needed either. I just need something for Christmas day and two family get togethers and this dress could sort me out for all of them. I must just try it on and work out how many days I have to starve for in ordre to squeeze in it!

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