Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ebook sales

I was not expecting to see many ebook sales in December. I assumed that people would be saving their money to buy gifts for others. I have still been selling quite a few though, especially the Panini recipe book, which is surprising as I thought people would be more likely to be looking for Christmas foods, rather than paninis. It is a great thing though. I have also signed up to the ebook lending library and some people are borrowing the panini book as well. I am not sure how much income that will generate, but it is nice to see so many people enjoying the book. I am expecting sales to pick up in January, when people get given Kindle's for Christmas and decide they want some books to read or are spending the Amazon vouchers that they have received. We will see what happens! Some people thought that selling on Kindle would be a waste of time. It has not mad eme a fortune, but I have had books up there for 18 months and not promoted them at all. I have made over $300 in US sales, over $120 in UK sales and made a few sales in Germany as well, so I think it was well worth doing and will continue to write new books, when I am inspired. I am also thinking of selling on other platforms too. I have investigated Kovo, but when I enquired they did not reply, so I do not know how to sell through them yet, but I will do more investigating when I have some more free time.

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