Saturday, December 31, 2011

Kindle Lending

This month I agreed that a selection of my Kindle ebooks would be available for lending. I was limited in how many I could agree to do this with as they could only be lent if they were not for sale elsewhere, when some of my books are for sale on another website. I may change this, however, because the lending looks to have been really good. Out of the selection of books I have made available for lending, they have not only been borrowed by people, but also been bought. I am wondering whether people have borrowed the book, decided that they like it and bought themselves a copy. I have sold more books this month than ever before which is why I think this might be the case. Amazon also pay something out for lending books, they have an amount of money which is split evenly between books lent and so I have no idea how much it might be, but it will be a good bonus. It is all looking extremely positive at the moment.

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