Thursday, December 01, 2011

Opinion of November

November earnings were rather low. In fact work over the last few months has been quiet. It has been disappointing, but with Christmas on the way it has been nice to have had some time to prepare. I am now well on top of my preparations and so hope to get some more work in this month and earn well again, ready for paying off that December credit card, which is always a scary thought! I have some Co-operative dividends this month and although it is only £15, it is a help at this time of the year. I am also still selling a reasonable amount of ebooks on Amazon Kindle so should continue to get pay outs form those and I have been selling a few things on eBay and earning money that way. All these little bits are adding up and with my husband losing his 'on-call' money in the new year as his role at work has changed, it will be good to make sure that I am bringing in a good income.

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