Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Book Review : Millionaire Teacher by Andrew Hallam

Book Review : Millionaire Teacher by Andrew Hallam

What I particularly liked about this book was that it agreed with several other books with regards to its approach towards investing. I am cautious when investing and do not do things on a whim, but if a selection of sources are giving me the same information, then I am happy to trust them more.

The book is all about investment. I am a firm believer in making money from my money or getting a good passive income. I have made mistakes with my investments and learnt from them and this is exactly what the author of this book has done and he is not afraid to admit it and help his readers learn from his expensive mistakes.

The book is written pretty simply, so you do not need any mathematical or previous investment knowledge to understand it, but on the other hand it is not at all patronising. It explains what the author considers to be the wisest ways of investing and the reasons why. It then goes on to explain other investment methods and why these are not so good.

Each chapter discusses a rule that the author feels we should take note of when we are investing money. He feels strongly that these rules should be taught in school, as do I. His book is therefore a fantastic financial investment for anyone who would not only like to learn more about investing themselves but also who would like to pass that knowledge on to their children.

So if you want to make sure that your money is invested wisely, then this is the book for you. Whether you are young and just starting out with investments or whether you are reaching retirement, there will be some useful information for you. The book does stress the importance of starting investment as young as you can and so if you do want to make lots of money, then it is better to buy this book sooner, rather than later.

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