Friday, January 06, 2012


Sometimes I feel that medication is far too expensive. It seems very silly that you can buy paracetamol for a few pence unyet if you want something a bit stronger it is significantly more expensive. I also am amazed when people buy branded products when they are exactly the same as generic ones and they are much dearer. Research has even shown that they work better for people because there is a placebo effect. I am much more interested in finding cures which do not need medication. Companies that are looking in to these things are great but with drug companies making so much money out of people it can be difficult to know why anyone would want to do this. I know someone who has migraines and they are looking for an alternative to medication. They are going to find out the results of a Franklin migraine conference where all sorts of migraine related things will be discussed and they are hoping that they might be able to get something out of it, that will help them.

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