Monday, January 02, 2012

Money Stress!!

I know that I stress about money a lot and the loft conversion is making me worse. The family are all hoping for a significant premium bonds win, to help us pay for the work. We do have the money tucked away, but none of us want to spend it! We will be having some bonds mature and some share options available for sale in the summer which will help us to get back some of the money. We will also be able to claim for our second feed in tariff cheque, which will be good. However, these will not cover the job which looks like it will get to £30,000 without the £3k we will need for carpets and the £2k for furniture plus £2k for the bathroom fittings.The furniture might be able to wait a bit and even the carpets, but the rest of the money will need to be paid out during January and February, with some of it already paid. We are looking for ways to earn a bit more money as well, but it is hard to imagine we could make that much money, that quickly.

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