Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Premium Bonds

I am so hoping that I will see a significant Premium Bond win in January. I know it is not good to rely on luck for an income and I will be working to earn more money as well. However, it would be really useful to have a chunk of money. I am quite worried that we are the most opulent out of all of our direct family and once we spend all the money on the house, we no longer will be. It was also nice to have a years salary in the bank, which we will not have any more. You may wonder why I decided to spend the money if it is worrying me so much. It was rather silly really. I thought that I might get some money from a source and so thought I would go ahead while that money was available. Unfortunately the money was not available any longer and so we have to find it all ourselves. There are more logical reasons as well. I want the children to have their own bedrooms by the time they are eleven years old. My priority was paying off the mortgage, but I would not have done it by then and so it makes sense to spend the money that I have on the loft instead and have the use out of the room for longer.

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