Friday, January 20, 2012

Utility Savings

My energy supplier has a great function on their website where it is possible to compare your energy usage with that of the previous year. I have had a look at that and it has been interesting. Our gas usage has gone down a bit, which is probably due to me only bathing the children three times a week instead of seven and keeping the heating off during the day. The electric savings are much bigger. We are being more careful with switching off lights and computers and with the addition of the solar panels, even in the winter our spending has halved. The graph is amazing as you can suddenly see when the solar panels for fitted as the usage dips right down. With the drop in tariffs I may not be so keen to fit solar panels now, but it is still worth trying to cut down power usage by improving insulation, switching things off that you do not need and just being more aware of what you are using and whether it is necessary.

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