Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Career Choices

One thing that has occurred to me lately with regards to money is how much your career choice can determine your future income. I was no good at deciding what I wanted to do and found that the career guidance I got was not good. Teachers at school knew little about working in the outside world and I never went to see a career advisor while I was at university. I ended up making decision which probably ended up in being poorly paid. I am not regretting what I am doing now as it suits my lifestyle perfectly, but had I known about gradsolutions and other similar websites, I would have been a lot better off. Had I found a way to use my qualifications I am sure that I would have been paid better. However, I looked for jobs only in one place and thought that there was nothing suitable. had I consulted grad solutions I would have found out a lot more about how to use the qualifications that I had and it would have probably meant a very different career for me. Being a positive person, I feel that my career lead me to where I am today and I am very happy, but I would advise others to take a look at www.gradsolutions.com.au to make sure they are making the most of their qualifications and getting the pay that they deserve.

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VMCA said...

It's so true, at school we have all these romantic notions about "what we want to do" when what we should be doing is thinking about "how we want to live" and then choosing accordingly and putting the hard work in. Hindsight!!