Tuesday, February 21, 2012

House Progress

Things were going so well in the house. The painting has come along really well and I had plans to get most of it finished over the weekend. Unfortunately my son was rushed to hospital and had his appendix out on Saturday morning and it has rather thrown everything. However, he is back at home, recovering well and now I have to focus on my plans. I have work to catch up on, which I hope to get done today. I have my husband doing a selection of chores for me in the house, which should help. I am hoping I might be able to finish off painting the gloss in the kitchen this evening, but it depends on how tired I am as I have not been getting much sleep lately. Once that is done, it will be the sitting room to do, where I will move the furniture in one half and do that and then move it to the other half and do that. Then my husband has to decide if he wants his office done, which is an easy paint job, but moving all the books and computers out will be hard work. Lastly, the downstairs hallway will need to be done, which is again, an easy job but had the painting stuff in it, so is best left until last. We have found the carpets we like and will be ordering those as soon as we have a few questions answered about them and then have to order the furniture. Then everything will be complete!

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