Monday, March 05, 2012

Community Spirit

I love where I live because the neighbours all take really good care of each other. This is one of the main reasons that we have invested so much money in doing up the house, rather than wanting to move anywhere else, as well as the fact that it is cheaper than moving.

I find that in some areas this is not the case and neighbours do not always even speak to each other. I think it really helps everyone to be a lot happier of they not only care about the place that they live but the people who live there. this is why I like the idea of the Rochester website. This is a site where the people who live in a community can share there views. Not only is there information about things going on the area, but there is also a forum where people can exchange their views. The Forums Rochester NY is a friendly place where people can discuss things going on in the area, whether they like them or not and a great way to see what others are thinking. I think if we all understood each others viewpoints more we would live in a better place. I think this sort of thing is a way of beginning to see things form others points of view and it can help us all to become more open minded and accepting. I also think that this is a really great way to bring people together and as we all become more confident at using computers, it is something that I think should be done more often.

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