Tuesday, March 06, 2012

More Money Coming In!

It is continuing to be a good month with a selection of small amounts of money coming in. I won £3.50 from the school 50:50 club and although I pay in £4 a month to this charity lottery, it is nice to win something for a change. I sold the shower door which did not fit our new bathroom on eBay and will be getting £50 for it later, which is good. We also won £25 on the premium bonds this week.

I have also made a few business sales of some blogposts and received a cheque for my Amazon Kindle sales in USA amounting to $146.80, although that will probably be worth about £70 by the time I have paid the charge for paying it in and it has been converted to pounds.

These might all be small amounts, but they all add up and it is good to be able to keep adding a bit of money in to the household finances. Lets hope it continues!

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