Thursday, March 15, 2012

Saving with Solar

I cannot believe how much money I have saved with my solar panels so far. Next month I will be able to read my electricity generation meter again and apply for my third feed in tariff cheque. These lighter days are making a big difference to the amount that we are generating which is fantastic.

With the deadline passed for the feed in tariff rate that I am getting, it may be that people are more reluctant to do it now. However, I would encourage you to still do the maths. Take a look at some information about solar panels and this will give you more information. Have a look at what is available and then get a few quotes. Find out how much you will have to invest and calculate what your return is likely to me. Even if you do not make a big return, imagine how it might do compared to the stock market or just being in the bank. The return could potentially still be higher. Of course it all depends on interest rates but it could still be a really good gamble.

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