Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Utility Bills

I have just read my gas and electric meters (and collected 100 nectar points for doing so) and checked my gas and electric usage. For the last 12 months we have spent less money on gas and electric than the some month the previous year with one exception. That exception was February when we had a big hole in the roof and so our heating was working overtime! This is such great news and just from making a few changes to save money. The main ones were to turn down the heating thermostat to 18 degrees (it was 21 last winter) and to 16 degrees in the day time (it was the same from morning to evening). We are also more careful that lights are switched off in rooms we are not in, that computers are switched off at night and that curtains and blinds are opened on sunny days to take advantage of the solar gain.

These things have taken very little effort and I just have to wear a fleece and slippers in the house in the day to keep warm. Of course, we did not have a very cold winter and the loft room may even need air conditioning in teh summer as it does get warm up there so we will have to see if the savings continue.

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