Saturday, April 28, 2012

Working From Home

I absolutely love being self employed and one of the big bonuses for me is that I get to work from home. Of course, even if you are not self-employed you could still work from home. However, many companies are reluctant to let their employees do this. There is a solution though in the employee monitoring software. Most employers seem to be worried that if they allow their employees to work from home, they will not do their work properly. This is obviously a genuine concern as there will not only be no one there to keep an eye on them, but they will also find it much more distracting being in the home. There are always lots of other things to do in the home, jobs as well as fun things and with no one else there, it is easy to do those instead of your work. However, not everyone is that easily distracted and it can be worth thinking about trying to prove to your employer that this is the case for you and that it could be advantageous for them to allow you to work from home. The employee monitoring software will help with this. How the software works is that it allows an employer to monitor the system of an employee to keep an eye on what they are doing. The great thing is that it is in beta stage and free which means that you can tell your employer all about it and see whether they will have a go at trying it out. It could be the opportunity that you need to be able to prove that you can work form home. Imagine all the fuel and time that you could save, so why not suggest it today? Just download a free copy of the employee monitoring software and see how simple it is to use. Then take it to your employee and show them how simple it is.

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