Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Cheap Housing

With my parents in retirement, they have been considering the fact that they may eventually not be able to do the stairs in tehir home. They have a few relatives who have moved in to park homes and have looked in to the idea. They felt that it could be a good alternative.

The great thing about them is the fact that they are on the flat, this means that there are no stairs to worry about, although there are usually steps to go up to the front door. They are often on a site with other older people and so it is a great place to make friends. One big disadvantage used to be that the resale market was very poor, as they were cheap and did not make much when being sold. Most people bought new homes and did not sell them when they had finished with them. However, these days the homes are much better made and much more expensive which means that not only are they more luxurious, but they keep tehir value better as they last longer. It could be that they are a far better investment than they used to be.

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