Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Kindle Sales

I published a new book in April and although the sales of that have not yet shown to be particularly good, my overall sales are still pleasing. I sold 53 books in total, which is my second best ever month, beating last month by a fraction. January was still my best, but I feel that was very much to do with people buying new Kindles and I hope that next January will be as good. In fact I need to publish more books before then so there is a higher chance of sales! My sales are still much higher in the USA than in the UK and I have now cashed my third cheque. It has made me think that I really should consider sorting out all of the relevant paperwork to tell the IRS that I pay tax in the UK as they remove 30% before they pay me. If my sales increase, then this is something that I will definitely need to do.

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