Friday, July 20, 2012

A Year With Solar.....

It has now been a year since I had my solar panels fitted and I thought that it would be interesting to report back how things are going. Firstly we have received three FIT cheques which have added up to £835.38 in total. With quite a cloudy few months, I was surprised that the last quarter still generated the most money. I think because it is not heat, but light that powers it and we have been having more hours of daylight, this has explained it. It would be interesting to see the difference had we had a very cloud free summer. We have also made savings in our electricity bill. This has partly been because when we use less electricity than we generate, out meter runs backwards and partly because we have been energy saving in many ways, like making sure lights are switched off etc. We had been on a fixed price energy bill so the price per unit was the same and we saved £298.02. We were also more efficient with our gas use but we ended up paying about the same as the previous year, possibly due to the fact that the spring and early summer was late. This means that in the year we made a total of £1231.76 which is pretty good. As a return on our investment that is pretty impressive, we would certainly not have made that much in the bank. We paid out around £7600 in total which is a 6.17% return in a year.

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