Monday, July 09, 2012

Are Some of us Lucky?

Watching Wimbledon last week always makes me think about luck. When the ball hits the net, the commentators will then talk about luck as to which side of the net it falls. I do not believe in luck.

We make our own luck, how well we execute the shot will determine how well we play not whether a ball falls our side of the net or not and that only happens a few times in a match if at all.

We need to start making our own luck by being open minded and creating opportunities for ourselves. We can all be successful at what we do if we are positive, ambitious and forward thinking. It is nothing to do with luck but all to do with attitude, hard work and positivity.

Did Andy Murray have that attitude yesterday? Well, he seemed to when he came out on court but once Roger stepped up his game he was slumped in his shoulder and looking down at the floor and you could see that the belief was disappearing. When we do this we cannot win and so we all need to keep our shoulders back, head held high and smile. It can make a fantastic difference and we will all start to be 'lucky' then!

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