Monday, July 09, 2012


I can hardly believe the school holidays are nearly upon us. The children tries out tehir new classes on Friday, I'll get tehir reports today and in 1.5 weeks time they will be breaking up. Luckily I have lots of low price activities planned, such as walks, picnics and a few days out. We have decided to have a staycation for a week, where we will not be working, checking emails or answering the phone (hmmmm in theory anyway!) and will be doing something different each day. It will be a lot cheaper than going away and will hopefully be relaxing and fun. My husband doesn't want to be too far from work as there is a risk he will be called in and so that has forced us to holiday locally. It would have been nice to have gone away but I must say that I am glad that we are saving the £1000 it would probably have cost.

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