Friday, July 27, 2012

Phew It's Too Hot!

I do not enjoy the hot weather. I guess it is okay for those people who can laze about outside in a cool swimming pool or enjoy doing very little, but when you have to work, I find it unbearable. I suppose some people really enjoy the opportunity to top up their tans as well.

I often wonder why people get so obsessive about being tanned. It still seems to be considered to be a healthy look by some, even though the research points to quite the opposite. I know people who use getting enough vitamin D as an excuse to go out without any sun protection and I worry about the damage they are doing to their kin. I would rather have younger looking, unscarred skin that is white than brown wrinkled skin. There are also great alternatives around as well with spray tans being so good and looking so natural. You can even get spray tan supplies so that you can do a professional looking job yourself and so there is no excuse for going out and putting your health at risk.

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