Monday, July 09, 2012

Premium Bonds

Well, we won just £25 on the premium bonds this month. This was from my account which has less money in it. We are hoping that we will do better next month as we having invested £8700 from the sale of shares and matured bonds. This should help our odds and increase the prize money. We are also buying £600 worth of bonds each month which will eventually be sold to pay off the mortgage.

It is rather depressing to think that all of our hard work in saving will mean that in 15 years time we can hand over £100,000 to pay for our house. It will be nice to be mortgage free but will feel bad that all those years of saving will result in no massive gain. I think the low interest rate, meaning we are only paying £81.50 in interest means that we have very little to gain from paying the mortgage back at the moment. As rates rise, which they will do eventually, I am sure I will feel more inclined to want to pay it back quickly.

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