Monday, August 13, 2012

Getting the Children Earning!

The boys have said that they wanted to sell Lego and robots and make some money for themselves. This was fantastic and so I have spent a few hours this afternoon getting them a website together.

I had no money to buy stock so decided that it would be much better to set up an Amazon associates shop so that they could earn commission on any sales that they make. I have attached a Lego and a robot shop to a blog and hope that by writing interesting blog articles, they can attract people to buy things from the shop. It may not make them that much money, or that quickly, but it is their first way of earning money.

At the moment I have decided not to start them up their own business, as it is complicated to sort out the tax and figure out if I need to do a self-assessment tax return for them etc. I will be putting it through my business. Hopefully, they will start to make some money out of it and it could lead to them trying out many more business ideas. If you want to take a look the site is Great Toys For Boys.

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