Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Purchase

So I have decided to let me husband to buy me a treat. I was exercising on the cross trainer yesterday and said how I needed a tablet so that I could cycle and read or surf the web at the same time. I was only joking, as I never buy things, but my husband has always wanted one and so took the opportunity to tell me all about the Google Nexus tablet and how good it could be. He also mentioned how annoyed he was that I was always borrowing his Amazon Kindle and that I could link the tablet to his account so we could share books. The sharing of books is the most annoying thing I find about the Kindle. Obviously you can never read a book at the same time, but because his whole library is in one place only one of us can read anything at a time, so this will be a great advantage. It is a lot of money, but does mean that I will be able to keep exercising when I am doing research or reading. It will also be useful when we are out with the children and they need entertaining.

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