Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cutting Spending and Increasing Income

My husband has been worrying about money lately, which means that we must be in trouble! Things are not getting tight, by any means, but with him not getting a pay rise, him losing his on call money and my income very variable, we have decided to be more careful.

One plan is to try to increase our earnings. He has some plans to do this, as do I and so we are both working hard on that. We have also decided to curb our spending a bit. Sadly, this means that some of our charitable contributions have had to be reduced and we are trying to cut down on our luxury spending. We seem to have managed to spend a lot of money over the last few months for things such as the children's birthday presents and my new tablet and so we are going to stop. This means that any things we want such as new body pillows, clothes and toys will just have to wait for a few months. (I cannot help but feel that niggle in the back of my mind that Christmas is not too far away either...eeek!)

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