Tuesday, September 04, 2012

I found some money!

I had a email which contained over 26 dollars today!! Well maybe not exactly in the email but it did make me $26 in the end. The email was from a pay per click company called Wordlinx and they are a company that I used to use to make money. It was a slow way to make money, but fun, but in the end I was too busy with writing to use them. I decided to take a look at them today, as a result of the email as I could only vaguely remember what they were like.

I logged in to my account and it said I had earned $26 which I assumed was from before and had been cashed out, but on closer inspection it was referral earnings that I had made in the time I had not visited the site. Pretty good passive earnings considering I did nothing. I have requested that it be sent to my Paypal account and decided that I will look back over my early posts to see whether I have referral earnings from any of the similar sites I used to use.

So thank you to any of my referrals that might be reading this, for making me some money. Make sure all check your old PPC accounts too as there could be earnings there waiting for you as well.


jay said...

What a nice surprise.. I have a regular affiliate that I often make between $2 and $5 a month with, got an email yesterday telling me I earned $20 with a single click... not saying what it is though ;) (at least not publicly...)

Rachel said...

That sounds good - well done!