Wednesday, September 05, 2012

New Start!

Wow, things are suddenly busy now the children are back at school. It could be thought that I would have more time on my hands, but when they are out of the house, I like to fill my days! I was working hard yesterday looking for extra money and am still thinking of ways to earn today. I am also working on getting fitter, having just organised to start playing badminton each week again and go walking once a week. I am also doing weight work, abs work and using my exercise bike more at home so should hopefully be much fitter. I am eating more carefully as well, trying to lose fat and gain muscle so that I can be healthier. I guess heading towards and seeing my cousins all getting diabetes and other associated problems, makes me think that I don't want to be having to buy a holter heart rate system soon and have to worry about my health. I want to be the fittest I have ever been and be healthy too.What with resuming my PTA duties at school as well, things are nicely busy, so no chance of missing my little darlings!

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