Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Some More Finds!

Unsurprisingly quite a few of the sites that I use to earn from no longer exist and so I did not find as much money as I had hoped. However I did find $1 at International Offers but the other sites had empty accounts or had closed my account with them.

Looking over my old posts was really interesting. I used to set myself daily targets for earning money and this seemed to help my earnings. I tend to get paid by customers less frequently these days, as I wait until there is a significant amount to avoid Paypal fees. It could be worth considering setting monthly goals though. Now that the children are back at school, I do seem to be busier in some ways but have longer periods of time where I can concentrate. Perhaps I should try a goal of over £1,000 a month to start with. It is something that I used to manage to do fairly often and with my passive income from books sales and more regular writing work, there is no reason why I should not be able to do that well.

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