Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wider book Sales

I have just submitted all of my books to Smashwords. They have very strict guidelines on layouts for books, but mine have passed the first stage of vetting. They will be looked at carefully and then hopefully be distributed to a whole host of ebook sellers. This includes Apple, Barnes and Noble and Kovo. This will hopefully mean that more people will buy my titles, which are at the moment limited to being sold on my website and Amazon Kindle.

Thsi should really help in my bid to bring in more passive income. However, I will be still working at getting more. I am intending to fill my time between jobs and looking after the family with writing more books. I have based my ideas for new titles on what is selling well for me at the moment. Hopefully, those niches need to be filled and so hopefully by writing more books on a similar theme to those, I will be able to increase my sales.

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