Monday, October 29, 2012

Back From Holiday!

I recently spent three days in Legoland. It was a fantastic break, lots of fun for the children (and grown-ups) and it gave me some thinking time. It was the first holiday that I have ever been on, when I really needed the holiday and it got me thinking about what I needed to change to not be in that situation again.

I decided that I would reduce my commitments at the children's school. I spend a lot of time doing things, which do help the school, but as I am pleased with my children's progress anyway, I think that if I reduce what I am doing by a few hours a week, not only will they find someone to replace me, but it will not make a significant difference to them, but a big difference to me.

I also have decided that I need to work hard on finding more sources of passive income. Not only will that allow me to earn more money now without working so hard, but also will help me for when I retire as I will have to rely solely on passive income if I want to give up work.

I still have a lot of thinking to do with regards to finding a way to stay more relaxed and finding more time to have fun with the children, but I feel that I am on the right track.

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