Saturday, November 17, 2012

Earning More!

I have decided to focus on earning a lot more money this month. I am doing some paid blogging for a new company and really hope that they will pay me for my efforts. I will give details here of their name, if I get paid. I do have to earn $100 before they will pay out and I am having trouble entering my payment details, but I am confident that it will not be long before I get paid as I am getting a lot of job offers and those that have been checked, have been approved.

I am also doing some writing for a new site. They do not pay very much and the customers are much more fussy than my normal customers. However, I wonder whether it is better to be earning something rather than nothing. It really depends whether I am in the mood for writing I guess!

I am also working on a new novel, which I will be publishing under a pseudonym. It is quite different to my other books, so seems appropriate to be published under another name.

It is all quite exciting and so I hope my earnings will reflect all this extra work this month. We will see.....!

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