Thursday, November 08, 2012

Missing My Cleaner

Sometimes I really miss having a cleaner. I used to pay £30 a week to have someone clean my house. They spent three hours doing all of those jobs that I really hate! It is something that i gave up because I could not find a cleaner that did a good job and I felt it was rather a lot of money. My husband was happy for me to use a cleaner as long as I earned enough to pay them, which I always did.

I do have some satisfaction when I am cleaning, when I think that I am saving some money, but on the other hand, it is a job that i really loathe and would rather let someone else do. If I had more money or more work, then I could justify a cleaner and I think that if I could guarantee getting a good one, I would hire one again. Another way to get a good clean of the house is to use something like a deep cleaning in London service. This is where someone will give your house a really good clean every so often and it means that it will be a while before it needs another clean that good. This might be the perfect thing to arrange just before Christmas, perhaps if you are having guests or just to give yourself a break every so often. It could be the best Christmas present that you could ask for!

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