Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Preparing for that Big Day!

I have organised what I am doing on Christmas Day and I will be at home with my family and having the in-laws over for lunch. This should not be too much extra work and should be fun.I have been starting to think about what to get in for the big day. It was going to be just us and I was considering not getting in so much, but with guests I feel the need to buy all those traditional things.

I was going to make roast potatoes, but the children want fish! I will do a selection of veg and possible some turkey or a 4 bird roast and then a chestnut roast and some gravy. Then I will make some bread sauce, buy redcurrant jelly and maybe make a mushroom sauce to go with the chestnut roast. I will get a Christmas pudding with some pre-made custard and cream to keep life simple. I will need to buy some crackers as well, then some Christmas cake and mince pies as well as some nice biscuits. That will probably be all as we do not drink much and there is no need for montecristo cigars or anything like that in my family. Hopefully will be simple and fun and will not cost too much. I am now just trying to resist buying the low price bargain foods now as I know if I do that, they will be eaten before the big day and it will end up costing me more.

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