Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wedding Guest Book Idea

It can sometimes be very difficult to choose a wedding gift for your list. Many couples have already set up their home and so have everything that they need. This means that when guests ask what they want to have as a gift it can be difficult to come up with a list.

Some people ask for money, but others feel that this is not good etiquette or feel that guests would not like to do that. Therefore a memento of your big day could be a better idea. Many weddings have a guest book so that they can see lovely messages form their guests. However, there are more modern ways to do this, these days. It can be possible to have a mat or photograph signed and then framed as a lovely keepsake as this can be a great alternative to a wedding guest book. This could be something that you ask your guests to provide for you and can be a great memory for you, without asking them to spend too much money. A great alternative to a traditional gift without being too expensive for guests. It is well worth some thought.

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