Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wedding Invitations

I have had one wedding this year and have had a wedding invitation to a wedding for next year as well. I always like looking at wedding invitations and see how much money has been spent on them and how they are worded. I always admire people who make their own invitations, this can save a lot of money and they can look really great, but they do have to be done well. Some people prefer to get them professionally printed. Some will do just a postcard style, which is very formal and others will do more like a greetings style which look more fun. The wording also is interesting as it will tell you who is paying for the wedding, by seeing who has invited you and this will enable you to know who to thank afterwards. It is therefore very important to get this wording write if you are doing your own as you not only need to make it clear who is paying but also who is invited,whether it is just a couple, the whole family, whether boyfriends or girlfriends can come etc. Obviously you need to know where and when it is taking place and give directions. This needs to be put clearly and briefly and if done incorrectly could end up costing lots of money as new information will need to be sent out to every guest.

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