Sunday, December 02, 2012


I was really please with last months earnings. Things have been a bit quiet lately for me work wise and so to get a total like that was great. I am hoping I can do well this month as well but with Christmas it could be tricky. Not only does my husband have this week off work, the children will finish school on the 21st and I expect I will feel a lot less like working. Obviously, no work means no pay.

I am still trying to think of new ways to get a better passive income. My book sales do bring in some money but that is very quiet at the moment. I could write lots more books, but it may be better to do something different, I am just not sure what. I do have another book under my belt, which is a bit different and it would be good if that could make a bit more for me. However, it is fiction and they tend to do less well for me, so it is a bit of a gamble.

I guess I might do better investing some of my money better. I am still really happy with the investment that we made in solar panels, but until we get back what we invested, we can't say it was a success. I always wish that I could make money better, but I do know that a long term investment is more likely to make money.

I may just have to put my thinking cap on.

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